Happy birthday Maria! Surprise!

I met these girls four years ago when I started working at Betz elementary, since then we have formed such great friendships! They are definitely now “my girls!” 

Maria’s amazing husband managed to throw her a surprise party at Impulse in the Northern quest casino, without her having any idea! Well done Brian-Keith, well done!!! Happy birthday Maria!


Would you like some tea darling?

What better way to spend a winter day than at a cozy cottage sipping different teas!

The pastries, savories and fruit served on a beautiful 3 tiered platter was so fancy that we had to have pinkys out while sipping our tea as to not disrupt this fancy environment! 

We invited our friend Brandi to join us and had fun exploring the cottage and partaking in great conversations and of course adding the word “darling” in a fancy English accent after every sentence!

Thankyou to the Brambleberry cottage in Spokane, Wa for the lovely afternoon!

A snowy 2016/2017 in Cheney, WA

The snow just keeps coming and coming! The las couple of days we had over 12 inches fall! Riley was baby sitting for Kryste til 9pm and the snow had just been coming down all day! I left to go get her and the ruts of snow down Main Street was so deep! I had to stop because my windshield wipers froze. I got Riley and we headed home! Corey was gone for month on a tdy to vegas, of course while he’s gone we get the most snow and the snowblower was broken. I shoveled three times and was exhausted! Cody was cute, he came out and helped me!

Liberty Lake hike 2013




East of Spokane in Washington is a town called Liberty Lake. There are beautiful hiking trails around this town, and for Mothers day this year this was our hike! We went with our friends  Kym and Carl and the their kids.

IMG_2252 IMG_2255

all of our kids get along so well! They have never fought or argued with each other, just great friends and great times!

IMG_2256  IMG_2257

Did I mention even the dogs are friends? We always feel better with the dogs with us, lots of wild life here, the dogs add that extra comfort! This particular hike was seven miles. Below is a beaver dam that the kids and us thought was pretty cool! It is so amazing what these creatures can build!

IMG_2263 IMG_2269

IMG_2274 IMG_2275


IMG_2279 IMG_2282 IMG_2289

Kym is SO STRONG! haha

IMG_2290 IMG_2295

IMG_2296 IMG_2298

Ahhhhhh!!! Finally to the top! What a view! absolutely beautiful!

IMG_2300 We started where the lake was at! On our way back down we found a cute little water fall!

IMG_2309 IMG_2314

IMG_2320 It was a Mothers day well spent with the ones I love!



St. Patricks Day 2013

Corey was gone this year for St. Patricks day, so we celebrated it with our friend Kym and her kids, cause her husband was gone to! We went down town Spokane for the parade, and hoped the weather did not rain or snow on us! I was very cold though!

IMG_2038 IMG_2041 IMG_2052 IMG_2056 IMG_2057 IMG_2069

Cody LOVED the fire trucks!!!

IMG_2071 IMG_2073 IMG_2087 IMG_2097 IMG_2104 IMG_2113 IMG_2144 IMG_2193 IMG_2195 IMG_2196

Afterwards we walked around to show the kids some of the cool different buildings in downtown Spokane. The Davenport and The Steam Plant grill!

IMG_2198 IMG_2204 IMG_2206 IMG_2216 IMG_2234 IMG_2237 IMG_2239 IMG_2240 IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2245

The smoke stacks in the Steam plant grill are pretty fun! When you hold the doors open going into them, it creates a suction that almost blows you away!

IMG_2246 IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249

Christmas, Concerts and Cookies 2012

Seeing Santa at the mall is always a treat!

IMG_1929 IMG_1932 IMG_1935 IMG_1936

After seeing Santa, we got coffee’s and browsed through the mall, It’s always been a funny thing with Justin Bieber, we knew Riley liked him but she would never admit it! So naturally  when we saw the good ole Biebs at the mall, we had to get pictures!! haha

IMG_1937 IMG_1938

Christmas Concert at the church……….

IMG_1942 IMG_1943


And the boy who did not want to be in it, and sat their complaining the whole time that we at least made him go to watch his sister!

IMG_1959 IMG_1967

Cookie Time!!!!!

IMG_1971 IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1978 IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1993 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_1999

O’ Christmas Tree 2012


Freezing cold!!!! This years Christmas tree hunt, we went to a new place. A farm not far from our house that we actually never knew was there! Although we didnt have snow during this years Christmas tree hunt, it was definitely a winter day with the temperature!!

IMG_1804  IMG_1806

IMG_1810  IMG_1818

No Cody that one is a little to small!! This place had real reindeer, they were very cool to see up close, and I love that the owner took such great care of them! They had huge areas to go wander in and some wooded area to!

IMG_1819  IMG_1824

Helping dad cut the tree is always the tradition!!

IMG_1825  IMG_1828

Of course it wouldn’t be tree hunting without hot chocolate! We also ran into some friends while there!

IMG_1832IMG_1833 Beautiful day at the tree farm!!!

IMG_1836 As we were leaving, we noticed all the Christmas tree bulbs hanging from the trees! Love it!

IMG_1838 Every year we save a chunk of the trunk off of our Christmas tree!

IMG_1840 IMG_1845 IMG_1848

IMG_1855IMG_1861IMG_1862IMG_1858IMG_1863IMG_1866 This ornament is a very special one, it is for Corey’s grandpa that passed away, it is a ferry boat because his grandpa use to drive a ferry boat in Seattle!

IMG_1868IMG_1869The kids looking to see if Santa’s elves are watching!! haha!! So cute!


Of course it wouldn’t be official without the kids in front of the tree picture!


My favorite picture of Cody in his underwear and Christmas socks, picking his nose! hahaha

IMG_1897 So proud of their tree!!!!